Jun 21, 2011

Handmade Artists' Shop…

is an online venue that sprung out of a group of artists from The Handmade Artists' Forum. The forum is a small growing community of artists and crafters that have banded together to discuss their art and talents. 
This community of people come from a variety of backgrounds with many varied talents in short we are a diverse group with one thing in common, we love creating beautiful handcrafted items. 
The Handmade Artists’ Shop started solely as a venue for our forum members to sell their goods, although there are many different online selling venues out there our members were looking for a safe, secure venue where they can support each others efforts in marketing their wares. 
So please enjoy your shopping experience with our artists and feel confident that they have put a lot of love in their work.

In loving Service,
Handmade Artists' Shop
Andrew & Kimberly
I joined the forum in March and opened my shop a few weeks ago… And I have to say, it was one of the smartest decisions I have made in a while.  Everyone is great… helpful, knowledgeable, fun to interact with… and talented… Very Talented Artists!
Thanks everyone for building an amazing site…  Cari (aka CrochetHooked)

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Handmade Artists' Forum said...

Thanks so much for the kind words Cari! Glad you like it on the Handmade Artists Shop, your work is truly lovely.

CrochetHooked said...

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for visiting and for the sweet words... I enjoy my Handmade Artists Shop very much. You, Kimberly, staff and all the little helpers deserve a big ... WTG! Here's to good friends, a good life and GREAT Sales! lol Thanks again for stopping by ... I really appreciate it!

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

I don't know how I missed this! Thanks so much for your kind words and here is hoping (and working for!) many sales to come!

CrochetHooked said...

Hi Kimberly,

You are very welcome!

You, Andrew (and others I don't know by name) certainly have a wonderful Forum, Blog and now Shop, to which I am proud and thankful to be a part of.

Thank you for commenting, I really appreciate it!