Jun 27, 2011

Purple Delight Swarovski Wire Crochet Bracelet

Purple Delight Swarovski Wire Crochet Bracelet
This trio colored wire crochet Braidlet, is a bold and eye-catching bracelet. Tanzanite, Dark Indigo, and Amethyst colored Swarovski Crystals are crocheted to colored artistic wire. Also, attached is a twisted design, sterling silver toggle clap

I used over 75 crystals, which are individually crocheted to wire, creating 3 separate strands. These strands are then braided together. Braiding the strands of beads serves several purposes:

Purple Delight Swarovski Wire Crochet Bracelet

Strength and durability
• Brilliant glow of color enchanting its beauty
Comfort - the smooth underside is upon your wrist
• Size - 7.5 in (17.8)


Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day, Cari


Finding Charm said...

Pretty for a February birthday.
Hope you have some fingers left!

CrochetHooked said...

Hi Sarah... LOL I do, I am so glad you asked, it allows me to talk about how comfortable Braidlets are to wear.

Although the crystals are not as smooth as a seed bead, when you wear the Braidlet you don't feel the facets at all because the wire is between your wrist and the crystals ;o)

Thanks for commenting I appreciate it. Have a great day!