Jun 19, 2011

Regalia Wire Crochet Beaded Braided Bracelet Braidlets

Regalia Wire Crochet Beaded Braided Bracelet Braidlets
This one-of-a-kind, wire crochet bracelet is not your typical bracelet, due to the creative way it is made. Using a mixture of purple and lavender colored seed beads, I crochet each bead individually to colored artistic wire, creating five strands of beads. Using these five strands, I braid them together, creating this stylish Braidlet.


Regalia Wire Crochet Beaded Braided Bracelet Braidlets

Braiding the strands of beads serves several purposes:
• Strength and durability
• Brilliant glow of color enchanting its beauty
• Comfort - because the smooth surface of the Braidlet resets upon the wrist (see picture above)
• Adjustable -  custom fit to your own wrist
• Size - 7.0 to 8.0 in (17.8 to 21.6 cm)

Regalia Wire Crochet Beaded
Design your own custom made Braidlet

Send me a email (cbakerdesigns@yahoo.com) with your color selections. I'll make the Braidlet and email you a few pictures. Take a couple days to decide if you want to purchase your custom made Braidlet. If I do not receive a PayPal payment on the 3rd day… I will list the Braidlet for sale.
No Hassle…  No Fuss… No Problem….100% Customer Satisfaction ;o)

Tell me what you think about this colorful Braidlet... Comments are encouraged and welcome!  Thank you for visiting and have a super day.     

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