Jul 20, 2011

Featured Article on Pocketchange.become.com

Jason from pocketchange.become.com wrote an email to me a few weeks ago, stating he was following my blog, and he enjoyed my posts about my ‘Swarovski Braidlets’.  Furthermore, he wrote ‘they’re great for giving fashionable jewelry ideas to his readers’, and ‘would I be interested in having my blog ‘Featured’ on his company blog called PocketChange.

On July 13, 2011, Jason informed me the ‘Featured’ post was up and running at: http://pocketchange.become.com/2011/07/best-of-the-web-be-home-31.html
"Thank You Jason!" 

Needless to say I am very excited, thrilled, and delighted to be featured on Pocketchange.become.com. 

A big thank you to Jason, for giving me this opportunity to spread the word, about my uniquely designed Braidlets® made with Swarovski Elements.
Pocketchange.become.com has so much to offer the internet shopper, internet reader and the internet researcher. The link to this amazing site is at the bottom of this post... because I doubt you will be back any time soon to finish reading my blog... lol  

Thanks for visiting and a great day, Cari

Pocketchange.become.com: http://pocketchange.become.com/


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

CrochetHooked said...

Thanks Jana ;o)