Jul 3, 2011

Create Your Style with Swarovski

Color Carousel.
Recently, I have added Swarovski Elements to my Braidlets collection.  Swarovski Elements are truly an amazing product. With all the different colors and effects to choose from, one’s creativity is not lost. But, sometimes (for me) I need assistance choosing the right rainbow... of color.

While I was looking around the Swarovski site, I came across “Create Your Style” website.  The site has information about the Elements, patterns, events , and a design tool. What caught my eye was the Color Carousel.
 “The CREATE YOUR STYLE Color Carousel places the world of fashion at your mouse pointer!

Spin out on a journey of discovery and create a whole new world of color! Rotate the upper disc (using the arrows) until your main color appears or click on a color on the color strip below to find your desired color combination".

Take a look, but I warn you, is addictive. Use your mouse to choose a main color and the carousel selects 3 Harmoniums colors, 2 contrasting colors and a Swarovski pearl color. The combinations are dynamic, vibrant, and full of energy. 

Tune in next time and I will show you a few of the combinations I’ve made using the Color Carousel as a guide.  Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you next time.  Cari

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