Jul 2, 2011

Rose Water Wire Crochet Bracelet with Swarovski’s

Rose Water Wire Crochet BraceletLight Pink, Light Peach, and Rose Water Opal Swarovski Elements, radiate a soft glistening sparkle, you’ll see throughout this wire crochet bracelet. I use over 75 crystals, which are individually crocheted to wire, creating three separate strands.

These strands are braided together, forming a Braidlets®. Braiding the strands of crystals serves several purposes:

Rose Water Wire Crochet Bracelet
• Strength and Durability
• Brilliant glow of color enhancing its beauty
• Comfort - the smooth underside is upon your wrist
• Size - 7.5 in (17.8)

This magical bracelet will brighten anyone’s day. You will adore, how the beads reflect the light, adding a dazzling sparkle which illuminates from the bracelet… It's all about the Swarovski Elements. I love making these fantastic bracelets… and it shows. 

Rose Water Wire Crochet Bracelet

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Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Love the colors in this one! It just seems to glow!

CrochetHooked said...

Thanks Jana... I've been experimenting with the camera, trying to capture the true look of the Swarovski Crystals... Not quite there yet, but soon.

It sure does look like it glows... Thanks again for leaving a comment. I appreciate it! Have a great day