Jul 26, 2011

TG Bears on Etsy

Personalized Teddy Bears is the speciality of TG Bears. TG Bears are handmade with love by a nice and not so bear like woman named Monica.   She gives all the Bears she makes cute little faces, which includes safety eyes, noses, to put a smile on someones face.
TG Bears are safe for children to hold and hug... In-fact, TG Bears is working with Henry's Hope and Angels4Epilepsy. Please visit their Charity Bears section for more information.
These unique Bears can be personalized several different ways. One way, is to have a name embroidered on the bears right back paw click here > Custom Bears

While I was looking around the website, II noticed a bear named Theodore...  he really gets around the town and he even has a blog, where he shares his adventures with you... Hmmm, I wonder how he types with no thumbs... Hmmmmm?  > Theodore's Travels

TG Bears make a super gift for all ages... Best of all they are Handmade by Monica from start to finish. Thanks Monica for making these fabulous Bears! 

TG Bears Sightings:
TG Bears on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/tgbears
*TG Bears has found a new home, they won't be on Etsy much longer.... the new address is 
NEW WebSite - TG Bears: http://www.tallguysties.com/bears
Blog: http://tgbears.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tgbears

Thank you for visiting and have a Teddy Bear night, Cari


TG Bears said...

Thank you for the feature. Such kind words about my bears!
Theodore is a little old school. He has me type up his journal as the computer and him are not such great friends :-)

CrochetHooked said...

I adore TG Bears so much I had to share with others... Thank you for commenting!

EdenSong Essentials said...

Adorable bears!

CrochetHooked said...

Hi EdenSong... Aren't they the cutest! All handmade and completely safe for kids too. Thanks for commenting. ;o)