Aug 7, 2011

Creating Color Combinations Part V

The Swarovski Color Carousel can assist you while you are Creating Color Combinations.  The Carousel is simple to use, by clicking on a color and the wheel does all the work for you.

I clicked the Color Carousel and it stopped on Blue Zircon, as the main color, along with Aquamarine, Sapphire, and Indicolote as harmonious colors.

Furthermore, the contrasting colors are Padparadscha  and Hyacinth, and… Crystal Tahitian-Look Pearl is the suggested pearl.

I decided to use the harmonious colors to make this Braidlet®. Oceans Blue was made using Swarovski bicone crystals and was listed in my Etsy shop. The Braidlet was purchased yesterday.  But you my see a picture by clicking here> Oceans Blue

Oceans Blue
Have you tried the Carousel yet? 

If you have… Please leave a comment and share what color combinations you have tried...  Thanks for visiting and have a super day! Cari

To see all of my Braidlets® made with Swarovski Crystals >  CLICK ME

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