Oct 23, 2011

Jewelry Designing with Free Instructions

A few months ago I was searching the Internet for beading supplies, when I came across a site that I just had to share with all of you.  WigJig.com ... Beads, Jewelry Tools, Wire, and Supplies for Making Wire and Beaded Jewelry by WigJig’.

WigJig has over 3,000 amazing pages, full of information for the novice jewelry designer (that's me) and for the most seasoned jewelry designer.  Of course, if you are interested in learning to use a jig,

this is the place. You certainly do not need to have a jig, to benefit from all the information WigJig.com has to offer.

I am a niche jewelry maker… crocheting with wire and beads creating my Braidlets. But, I am slowly but surely stepping outside the box, to learn different jewelry making techniques. In fact, a few months ago I read a FREE tutorial, with step-by-step instructions, including color photos, basic wire wrapping

Do you want to make your own ear wire?  Need instructions for left hand designers?  Need to know beads per inch? How to make a leather necklace? Maybe you would like information on seed beads? Well, grab a cup of coffee, turn on your printer (you can print instructions for FREE), sit in a comfy chair, and browse through more than 3000 pages, I bet you will find something for you and your jewelry designing.

Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous day, Cari

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