Nov 13, 2011

Bouquet Braidlet inspired by BrandiGirlBlog

When I came across Color Palette #55 :: Gemstones by Brandi, I just had to make something.  I was intrigued, by the colors Brandi choose were right on the money, compared to the colors in the stone.

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Color Palette #55 :: Gemstones

As I being to crochet the beads to the wire, the anticipation was almost overwhelming. It seemed at the time... I couldn't work fast enough. What will it look like when I am done? 

Well, here is the finished product.  
WOW!  Interesting... very interesting! 
One of the most colorful cuff style Braidlets I have made. 

Here is a picture of them side by side.

On the left photo taken by Brandi / Right photo of my Braidlet

Brandi's palette is perfectly made to fit the gemstone.  The Braidlet is much brighter... What do you think about the colors I used to make the Braidlet?  

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thank you for visiting 
and have a colorful day.  Cari

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