Nov 19, 2011

NEW Wire Crochet Braidlet made with Swarovski Pearls

NEW Cream Pearl Braidlet®!  Wire Crochet Braided Bracelet made with Swarovski Cream Pearls…
A Timeless Treasure! 

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I personally crochet each pearl to non-tarnishing silver wire, forming 3 separate strands of pearls. These strands are braided together, forming this adjustable Braidlet®.  I attached a sterling silver toggle clasp with a twisted design adding the finishing touch to this treasure.

Length > 6.5 in – 8.0 in (16.5 cm – 20.3 cm)
Width > ½ to ⅜ in (.952 to 1.27 cm)
*Adjusting to a smaller size = wider width/ adjusting to a larger size = smaller width

Did I say adjustable?  Yes! Adjusting the Braidlet is easy. 

For a larger size – place your thumb and index finger on each end of the toggle clasp and gently pull the beads apart (you will actually see the Braidlets expand)
For a smaller size – using both hands, place thumb and index finger near one end; push the beads together sliding across the bracelet to the other end. 

Ta Da! There you have it… your own custom sized Braidlet – Custom orders are certainly welcome.  Contact me >

For sale at Handmade Artists Shop and Etsy. Thank you for visiting and have a terrific day, Cari


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