Nov 8, 2011

What is the Handmade Artists Shop (HAFshop)?


HAFshop is an online venue, dedicated to the Handmade Artists.  ‘Handmade’ is an essential part of this marketplace. Opening a shop is easy and the subscriptions are monthly or yearly (click here to register) but NO listing fees, NO commission fees, and NO selling fees.  Furthermore, a shop owner may list as many handmade items as they choose... No hidden costs... ;o)

The reason I am writing about HAFshop has to with shop views. I opened my HAFshop, about 5 months ago. I listed a Braidlet and within 10 minutes, it had more than 100 views and a few hours later, over 500 views.  It was amazing! How is this possible? Marketing and Promoting!

The founders, Andrew and Kimberly, along with their amazing staff, make sure each artist creates;...

 ...the link or links are sent to ALL the social networking sites. Marketing brings buyers, which equals views, and leads to sales. Therefore, with HAFshop promoting assistance and when I do my own marketing on my items, the number of views I receive has increased tremendously.

I am not an employee of HAFshop … and I am not getting paid to plug HAFshop. I do not know everything there is to know about marketing. But I am learning and I have a lot yet to learn. I only speak about my experience, over the past couple months with having a HAFshop.

HAFshop is not for everyone.  You be the judge… you know what is best for your business.  I have listed the links below… take a look because you have nothing to loose, and so much to gain.  Thank you Andrew, Kimberly and staff... For all you do for the Handmade Artists! 
Click > Handmade Artists Shop < Click

Articles about HAF and HAFshop:
There is much more to tell you about Handmade Artists Forum and how wonderful, fun, helpful, supportive all the artists are...  I will save that for another day! 

Good luck, thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day, Cari


trusk4u said...

Wonderful post about HAF! It is a super place to be! It is now my primary online venue. Being all handmade makes it a big cut above the rest.

Cari Baker said...

Thank you Teresa for commenting... yes indeed! You are correct... ALL Handmade!
It's the whole package... Shop, forum, blog and of course all the awesome people I have met. Including you! ;o)

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Thanks for the love Cari, must of missed this post!

Anonymous said...

True dat! They r awesome!

Cari Baker said...

You are quite welcome… You are a busy man, can’t see EVERYTHING! LOL

Cari Baker said...

Thanks Anonymous! I appreciate your comment!