Nov 30, 2011

"Wired Wednesday" WiredTeam Etsy 11.30

And you thought, ‘Wire’ was just for jewelry… Ahhh!  Well, think again.  
Come with me on a ‘Wired’ journey to a place were handmade artists gather to promote their unique style and art, all made with the love of 'Wire'. 
 'Wired Wednesday' is dedicated to promoting the members of the 'Wired' Team on Etsy.  

Please click on the title above or the artists name and browse through their shop, you will be amazed by the artistic talent each artists has and the best part... its all HANDMADE! 

I woud love to hear what you think about this 'Wired' Team' or if you love wire and you have a Etsy shop full of 'Wired' art... Come and join the fun...   

Thank you for visiting and have a Wired Wednesday!  Cari

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