Dec 21, 2011

Handmade Artists Shop Featured Artist Janelle5... In Memory Of

Hi Friends,  Although I did not have the pleasure of knowing this remarkable artist, I feel compassion for those who miss her as a friend and as a fellow artist.  
Janelle5 HAFshop
However, her friends from HAF have opened a shop called Janelle5 in her memory.
Janelle5 art work
I stopped by her shop and instantly I could see what an amazing artist, she truly was. She had a talent to transform a plain piece of wood, into many wooden beads; she used to create her unique jewelry.  I appreciate her craftsmanship and her love for handmade art.

Please look at her handcrafted jewelry, which is for sale in her (dedicated) shop: Janelle5. All proceeds donated to her estate.  

Thank you for visiting and have a terrific evening, Cari 


TamsJewelry said...

I Love her work! And very much miss seeing her around the forum!

Cari Baker said...

Thanks for commenting Tammy... Her talent certainly shows in her work! ;o)