Dec 15, 2011

Roses Braidlet inspired by BrandiGirlBlog

Hello Friends!

 Brandi from BrandiGirlBlog does it again. She has inspired me to create another Braidlet using her awesome color palettes. WOW!  The colors she chose to match the beads is... Absolute Perfection! 

Clicking on the picture will take you to BrandiGirlBlog
Color Palette Blog Walk::Inspired by art materials by Brandi

Brandi is inspired by art materials and I am inspired by Brandi... to create a Braidlet with her help...
This Braidlet was made using Brandi's color palette... Red, Burgundy, Deep Coco, Dark Rose, and Rich Lavender colored seed beads are individually crocheted to artistic wire forming this on-of-a-kind Braidlet.

I had a great time making this Braidlet. I wouldn't have thought about using these colors. 

This is just one of the reasons I visit Brandis' website...  She also has useful and helpful tips regarding business and she can tell a story. Please visit BrandiGirlBlog and find your inspirational color palette

Thank you for visiting and you can find this Braidlet listed at my HAFshop.  Lastly... please... take sometime for you, during the rushes this holiday season! Cari 

P.S. Thank you Brandi... U R The Best!

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