Jan 13, 2012

01.13 Fun Friday Finds from Handmade Artists' Shop

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Fun Friday Finds
A weekly post regarding 7 different handmade artists from Handmade Artists' Shop.  The numbers correspond with the find and the artist. The title of the find and the artists' shop name are live links... Click and go! Enjoy!

Links to find and artist are below / Title of find by Artists' Shop

  1. Sensual Sandalwood Mens Cologne Oil by SusieQsbathandbody
  2. Beautiful purple Stalactite slice and Amethyst necklace by Ferozasjewelery
  3. South America Jewelry Hanger by Fraftgal
  4. Exotic Discs necklace and earring set by TCBeads
  5. Handmade Running Horse Belt Buckle by teresahamesj
  6. relaxing lavender goats milk glycerin soap by normasbathandbody
  7. Large Hand Bound Journal Maidens Hair Gift by BlueHighways
Please take a look at these handcrafted finds created by talented artists from Handmade Artists' Shop.  Join the Handmade Movement and give handmade all year round. 

Thank you for your support and have an awesome day. Cari


Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Great picks this week!

Cari Baker said...

Thanks Andrew, it means a lot to me that you stop by and comment... Thank you!

Andrea R said...

Aww - how cool is that?!? Thanks so much for featuring one of my books, that fabric is a favorite! I've joined up with your FB page, thanks for the comment on mine, that was over the top LOL!