Jan 12, 2012

19 Crystal Braidlets: CGOA Design Competition 2011

These are the Braidlets I entered into the 2011 CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) Design Competition, which was held in September 2011.  Although, I did not win... it was a great experience and my Braidlets were part of a National Competition. See you next year!  Congratulations to the Winners!
19 Crystal Braidlets by dorisjchan

19 Crystal Braidlets, a photo by dorisjchan on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Designer Cari Baker (Crochethooked); Braidlets are Beaded Wire Crochet Braided Bracelets. Using Swarovski Elements, I crochet each bead to artistic wire creating three separate strands. The strands are braided together to create the bracelet. The braiding serves several purposes:
• Strength and Durability
• Brilliant glow of color enhancing its beauty
• Comfort - the smooth underside is upon your wrist
The beads are cradled by crocheting them to wire. This enhances the Swarovski beads to reflect light, adding a dazzling sparkle which illuminates from the bracelet.

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