Jan 19, 2012

Fire Opal Wire Crochet Bracelet and Free Earrings Set

Fire Opal Swarovski Braidlet with a FREE pair of matching earrings!
Amazing color... reds, oranges, and yellows light up this...
magical, fabulous handmade Braidlet... plus the earrings are FREE!

You may find this awesome set only at my Handmade Artists' Shop for $25.95.

The Braidlet and a Free pair of matching Earrings!

Click > CrochetHooked < Click

Thank you for visiting and have a great evening!  Cari


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Gorgeous! I love fire opal...it's one of my favorites!

Cari Baker said...

Hi Jana... Fire Opal is one of mine too ;o)