Jan 6, 2012

Fun Friday Finds from Handmade Artists' Shop 01.06

Welcome to the first Fun Friday Finds of 2012.  Fun Friday Finds is a weekly post regarding 7 different handmade artists from Handmade Artists' Shop.
Links to find and artist are below / Title of find by Artists' Shop 

 Please take a look at these fabulous finds created by talented Handmade Artists, from Handmade Artists' Shop. Join the Handmade movement and give Handmade all year round. Thank you for your support and have a magnificent day. Cari


Andrea R said...

Hi Cari, I don't know what has taken me so long to find your blog but I'm glad I have! How nice of you to feature HAF Shops vendors here. I'll be popping in often : )

Cari Baker said...

Hi Andrea,

Thank you Andrea, No worries, you found me! I enjoy Fun Friday Finds... I really get to know the artists and what they create. It's my way of giving back!

I'm glad you like the finds... and I'm pleased you will be back... Thank you! And Thanks for commenting!

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

You rock!

Cari Baker said...

LOL... Thank you Andrew!

La Alicia said...

I love the peasant dress!

Cari Baker said...

Hi La Alicia... It is adorable! Thank you for commenting!