Jan 16, 2012

New Cuff Style Wire Crochet Bracelet at my Handmade Artists' Shop

Cuff Braidlet
Make a statement with this bold colored wire crochet bracelet here > Handmade Artists' Shop

Crocheting seed beads in red, pink, and orange to colored artistic, forming a wide cuff style bracelet. 

Each bead is crocheted to wire, making 5 separate strands, which are braided together creating this unique, handmade bracelet, I call Braidlets.
Cuff style Braidlet
What makes these bracelets so special?  The way they are handcrafted. My unique design adds... 
  • Strength and durability 
  • Comfort - the smooth underside is touching your wrist 
  • Adjustable - pull or push the beads apart to change the size 

Adjustable?  Yes! Adjustable in size for a custom fit to your wrist. Click here to read more about Braidlets.... Thank you for stopping by and have a super day, Cari

Cuff style Braidlet
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