Jan 11, 2012

New Wire Crochet Braided Bracelets

Two new wire crochet braided bracelets have been added to my shops.  

Over 80 Sand Opal Swarovski Crystals were used to create this Braidlet, which was added to my Handmade Artists Shop. In addition to...

A Swarovski Pearl Bracelet, which is adjustable in size for a custom fit.

This Braidlet was added to my Handmade Artists Shop and my Etsy Shop
Both Braidlets are handmade by me and I stand behind every item I make and I offer 100% customer satisfaction!!! 

Become enchanted by the captivating sparkle, which comes from a Braidlet made with Swarovski Crystals. Thank you for visiting and have a splendid day. Cari


BeadSparkle - Skinhaircareview said...

OMG.....sigh.....you have an amazing talent and phenomenal skills....

I have a question though.... is the design (how to) included in your tutorial being sold on Etsy? Is it the three strand braided one?

Take care and happy new year :)

Cari Baker said...

Hi Liha,

Thank you for the sweet comments. The pattern sold on Etsy has 3 and 5 strand which are all braided. Have you tried the pattern yet? Please keep me informed with your progress.

Happy New Year to you also and thanks for stopping by!