Jan 5, 2012

Top 10 Reasons I Joined Handmade Artists' Forum

I became a member of Handmade Artists' Forum in March 2011 and here are my 10 reasons why...

picture of the Forum from Handmade Artists Forum10.  Sharing Creations in the Gallery - Members share their creations and the administrators (Kimberly & Andrew) send them out to 10+ social media sites  (helps my online presence)

9.  Links Exchange - You display my link and they will too (great for me & my online presence) 

8.  Blog Submissions – Members can submit blog posts or tutorials which are featured on the HAF Blog - (another way to help me get noticed)

picture of the Forum from Handmade Artists Forum7.  Joined a Members Ring – Facebook, Blog and Twitter - Leader choses a member, everyone writes an article, posts on blog, participating members comment on the post (great to meet and learn about other members and their craft, also super for boosting my online presence)

6. Discuss, Ask and Get Answers – Ask, comment, chat about Business, Marketing, SEO, Promoting and much more. Confortable, easy going artists will help you out besides there are no dumb questions. – (participation in the forum helps my online presence)

Handmade Artists Forum  5.  Friendly and Helpful  - Members are very helpful and insightful, I feel right at home (helping me to raise my presence online)

4.  Lots of traffic - Forum Page View Stats: For 2009 total was 2,052,059 vs 2011 total 5,263,646/2011(more traffic which helps my online presence)

3.  Promoting - Goes with #10 - Daily Promotions to Delicious, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and more – (yes... building my online presence)

2.  Handmade Artists’ - Interact with like-minded artists with a common goal – (do I sound like a broken record – helps with my online presence)

Handmade Artists Forum Supporting Handmade

And the #1 Reason I joined Handmade Artists' Forum

All the above and more is FREE when you join!

Meeting handmade artists', learning, sharing, promoting, writing, laughing, chatting and YES! Building your online presence! Come and join this unique group... Handmade Artists from Etsy, Artfire, or Zibbet, all welcome to join the Handmade Artists' Forum > HAF > Click Here

Thank you for visiting and have a fabulous day! Cari


John Rasmussen said...

Cari, such a terrific way to tell the world about HAF. We all work hard to help each other and promote the entire handmade community, this is a terrific list.


MakinTheBestOfIt said...

Cari, thanks for the post! I am so glad you are seeing our promotion efforts working for you since your work deserves to be seen by as many as possible!

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

WOW thank Cari you're so sweet! Thanks for the kind words.

iKnitQuiltSew said...

I love your reasons and want to "ditto" your entire list! The Forum is just the best if you're a creator in any medium.

Cari Baker said...

Thank you everyone for commenting... ;o) I speak only the truth about Handmade Artists' Forum. I could have written a top 50 list. But I'll save the other 40 reasons for another time.

Cheers to HAF!

TamsJewelry said...

I couldn't have said it better,very Nice post I love it and HAF is awesome I have met so many great people like YOU!

Mixed Kreations said...

Everything you said is so true. The Handmade Artist Forum is a wonderful forum to join. Everyone is so friendly and help each other out. The forum is made up with a terrific group of people. And Kimberly and Andrew are awesome.

Larissa said...

I love the way you wrote this!

Cari Baker said...

Thank you EVERYONE! Thanks for the support, comments, laughs, help, promoting, and most important... Being great friends ;o)

GO Handmade Artists Forum GO!