Feb 7, 2012

The Artsy Sister on Etsy

Jennifer is the proud owner of The Artsy Girl on Etsy. 

Creative, multi talented, handmade artists, and she is a fellow crocheter… ;o)  Jennifer mixes it up with different types of yarn, crocheting these warm and colorful scarves... I Love Scarves!

Purples, Pinks, and Blues
Skinny Scarf
ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø

Jennifer the Painter:  

Take a look at this one of a kind original mixed media painting, using several layers of paint, paper, ink, and sealant.

I love the uniqueness of this painting... Classy and Unique!

ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø  ø

She is photographer, and a sewer, as well as a handmade jewelry designer. Whew…  How does she find the time or the energy to do all this!  ;o)

Take a few moments and browse through The Artsy Sister… and you may find that special handmade gift today!  Thank you for supporting handmade… and a big thank you to Jennifer!

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Have a great day today… see you next time.  Cari

Turquoise and Black Crochet Beaded Necklace by TheArtsySister

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