Feb 26, 2012

Featured Artists DahlishKnits from HandmadeArtists.com

DahlishKnits has a shop on handmadeartists.com, and Gina is the creative owner. Her shop motto tells you what you’ll find inside, “One of-a-kind knits for the child in your life.” I crochet yarn, so you can say I’m more hook than needle. 

So, I had to research knitting. So, I went to this site > CraftYarnCouncil < I’ll paraphrase one fact about Crochet and Knitting I found interesting.

<<< Crocheting uses one needle called a hook and the stitches create a loose open stitch. 

Knitters use two, pointed needles, and the stitches create items with more elasticity. >>>

So, the knitting stitch allows for a snug fit due to the ability stretch and return to its’ original shape. 

*note- a real crochet hook and set of knitting needles are not quite that large ;o)    << hook and needle pictures from wikipedia >>

Gina has a great example of a snug fit in her shrug. Your child will be snug as a bug in a shrug

  Here’s a couple pics:   >>>>>

Gina’s clutch toys are small for children’s little hands, and they are soft for arms to hug and cuddle. If you’re in a clutch for a gift, you are now in touch with the clutch.  Did I say that? 

<<<<<<<<<<     Look at these Clutch Toys 

Gina has more unique items in her shop, and they are All Handmade! All of the items are practical, special, and one of a kind, just like Gina. Moreover, Gina offers custom made items as well.

The next time you are looking for a unique gift, remember… DahlishKnits for “One of-a-kind knits for the child in your life.” Or as I say, “snug as a bug in Gina’s shrug and touch the clutch.” Thanks Much….I couldn’t help myself.

Thank you for visiting and support handmade artists all year round. Have a great day, Cari


Sandi Levy said...

Love your Seussical post! Gina's things are terrific!

lilmamad said...

Thanks for the sweet and fun to read post! :)