Feb 28, 2012

Featured HandmadeArtists.com and About.com

As some of you may know, I am a handmade artist.  Furthermore, I belong to HandmadeArtists.com, which supports only handmade, including a shop, blog, and forum. In addition, I enjoy writing and featuring handmade artists on my blog, but occasionally you have to toot your own horn.
I’m a featured artists at About.com in the category DIYFashion/Show off Your Handmade Shop and HandmadeArtist.com/blog – Selling Tips.  

Click to read >  HAFshop - Selling Tips

Click to read >  DIYFashon at About.com

March Madness - Coupon Code - ABOUTCOM -  Receive 10% - Apply code at payment.  
Thanks for supporting handmade all year round, Cari

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