Feb 18, 2012

Janelle5 Handmade Artists' Shop Update

I featured Janelle5 in December and shared her remarkable craftsmanship by transforming a plain piece of wood into amazing wooden beads and pendants she used to create her jewelry. 

I also mentioned, her friends at Handmade Artists' Forum opened a shop in hopes of selling the remaining pieces of jewelry, to which all proceeds go to her estate.  

All remaining pieces are now 50% off. 

Only a few pieces of jewelry left at 50% off.  all proceeds go to her estate.

Click on the pictures for more information on the piece. 

            Click Here

** ALL REMAINING ITEMS IN THIS SHOP ARE NOW 50% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE! Markdowns have already been taken.** This shop is lovingly dedicated to our dear friend Janelle who left us too soon. All proceeds from this shop will go to her estate. Thank you for stopping by. She would have loved that!

Thank you for your time... have a great day! Cari


Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

I Miss Janelle

lisianblue said...

Jan was a very lady who did such beautiful work with wood.

lisianblue said...

oops that was supposed to be a very sweet lady

Nancy Pace said...

Very nice:)

lisianblue said...

Hey Cari - glad you stopped by my blog - Love Jan's work.

our home to yours said...

such beautiful items.