Mar 6, 2012

CGOA, National Crochet Month, and JKrochetDesigns

Today I want to talk about two of my favorite things; The Crochet Guild of America and JKrochetDesigns.  If you have been following the CGOA then you know March is National Crochet Month.

 The purpose of having a month long celebration of crochet is for artists to spread the awareness of the art they love. If you go to the CGOA site you will see they  even offer help by suggesting four main areas to promote crochet during March. Today I want to talk about making new crochet friends.

Therefore,  I would like to introduce a new friend of mine, Jill from JKrochetDesignsI believe her items show attention to detail and clever creativity. I just love the Cupcake Hats and of course the Froggie Hat. Ribbit! Ribbit! 

Jill enjoys crocheting adorable toddler Headbands and beautiful flowered Hats for all ages.

She also has wooden handled Bags (lined with fabric) and Purses. 

Here are some of her cute Booties, Mittens, and Hats. 

I just love these adorable Hats. (Cupcakes)

Jill has created a pattern of this Froggie Hat (for purchase), just in case you want to crochet it yourself. 

When you visit her shop, just click on the pic to get a detailed explanation regarding: custom orders and shipping. 

Although, National Crochet Month is for 31 days, Jill celebrates crochet 365 days a year. Thank you for visiting, have a great day. Cari


FaeryBee said...

Jill is an absolutely wonderful person and great craftswoman! I love how her artistic flair comes through in all the items she creates. It's wonderful to see Jill featured her on your blog.

Cari Baker said...

Hi FaeryBee!

Indeed she is… We kind of met on Crochetville. When I saw her work on Etsy, my jaw hit the floor in amazement. Right then… at that moment I needed to show Jills crochet art off to everyone!

I couldn’t possible have planned it any better to include her along with CGOA National Crochet Month (I really didn’t plan it, it just worked out that way) lol

Thank you, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

Arlene said...

This is fabulous. :) I always look forward to see what Jill has come up with next. She's right up there with the top ranking crocheters and designers.

Teresa Rusk said...

Good Bright & Creative Morning! I've awarded you The Versatile Blogger award because of your faithful blogging about your work and the work of others. Visit my blog post for details, , and to get your banner. Congrats and see you around!

Cari Baker said...

Teresa Dear! Thank You! You are always so thoughtful and a fabulous artist!