Apr 18, 2012

HandmadeArtists.com asks “Trashy? or Treasure?” You be the judge.

Hi Everyone!  HandmadeArtist.com hosted a great contest called ‘Trashy” which started a few weeks ago.  The contest rules were, to make something out of trash and turn it into a treasure.  Sounds easy enough… I think not!

Although, 11 Handmade Artists were up for the challenge and you will be amazed at the brilliant, outstanding, wondrous, and creative items these fine artists made… all from TRASH! WOW!  How in the world did they do that? LOL

Now it is up to us (the voter) to choose who made the best Treasure out of Trash. So click this link > Trashy” Contest < And Vote Today! 

Oh… I almost forgot…  Voter/Commenter Wins Too!  Please read below:

Random Commentor will win:One voter, chosen at random will win this beautiful necklace, custom made by Uniqlets, Jewelry By Lisa and $25.00 cash to spend on anything you want from the Handmade Artists’ Shop! All you have to do is vote, and then leave a comment that you’ve voted!  This piece is entitled, “Heart Handmade Artists Bubble Necklace,” and is handmade from vintage iridescent bubble beads from the 1940′s or 50′s. 

Great Job… TRusk4U, DragonClaw, Jolene, Uniqlets Jewelry by Lisa, RiverRockArts, ldkeesee, SotocapMania, Gemlover, MyEuropeanTouch, baisebeige, and startsarts… You all are truly amazing Handmade Artists! 


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

it was hard choosing, but I voted. :)

Cari Baker said...

Hi Debbi… It was difficult to choose only ONE! Everyone did a great job! Nice to see you!

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Cari Baker said...

Hey Andrew, Thank you for stopping by!