Apr 23, 2012

Inspired and Featured by BrandiGirlBlog

Inspiration comes to me in many ways throughout the day however; I can always find inspiration for inventive color combinations when I visit my friend Brandi from BrandiGirlBlog.

I turn to Brandi and her tremendous color palettes. “Brandi Girl Blog… a life inspired by color” is my inspirational artists.  I am thrilled to announce she has selected to feature me in…

… her “Reader Spotlight” which you may > click here < to read the article.

Brandi is more than my ‘Color Specialist,’ she is an artist, a photographer, and she fills her blog with an array of helpful tips for blogging, social media, art style, business, and shares her knowledge about photos.

Speaking of photo tips, a few weeks ago I bought Adobe Elements, which I have no idea how to use all the tools it has to offer but, last week I signed up for Brandi’s e-class “Editing with Elements” for those of us newbies! 

Click here for more information > Editing with Elements <

Furthermore, Brandi supports handmade, artists… and much more. Look around her blog or connect with her on Pinterest, Google+ or Twitter.

Thank you Brandi for featuring me on your blog… I love the way you shared the Braidlet photos, which YOU were the inspiration behind the colors chosen. I look forward to creating more Braidlets with you in the future and reading more motivating topics on BrandiGirlBlog.  Cari


Shel said...

Hi Cari - I'm hopping over from Brandi's blog. Loved the feature on you this week. Your jewelry is stunning and you're right, Brandi is such an inspiration when it comes to color (and so many other things, too!).

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

congrats on the feature. it was great.

Cari Baker said...

Hi Shel, I am so pleased you stopped by and left a message. Brandi is wonderful with colors and you are correct… and a lot more! Thank you!

Cari Baker said...

Hi Debbi Honey! Thank you… It is awesome! Fun how Brandi and I met too… hey, I figure if you don’t ask… you don’t get! LOL Thanks Debbi for stopping by!