May 25, 2012

Fun Friday Finds: Creativity from HAFshop 05.25

Hi Everyone it’s Friday! Time for Fun Friday Finds! Promoting and Supporting my fellow Artisans. Let’s see what interesting items I found while browsing through Handmade Artists’ Shop. Where you may buy directly from the artist.
Fun Friday Finds from Handmade Artists Shop 05.25
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Product Details: Ethereal iris yellow detail with a deeper, honey amber core. Copper lined with brass and copper end caps featuring an antique finish...

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Journal or Sketchbook Bound with Japanese Fabric

Product Details: A gorgeous, richly decorated blank book in shimmery gold patterened washi paper (Japanese screen printed paper) and royal purple Japanese fabric tapes with delicate…

By: MVSilva

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Secretary Bird Sculpture

Product Details: This is a snake stomping African bird! This bird measures 20 x 20 x 5.5 inches 

By: doudou

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Handmade Lampwork Glass Focal Bead sra

Product Details: A beautiful wave bead featuring raised weathered murrini 'shells'. Both sides shown. Add your designer touches! Handmade by me 

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Butterfly on leather bracelet

Product Details: I started with a recycled leather piece, its hand dyed with an Eco friendly brown dye. Lots of Hand tooling with little flowers.. Next is a nice piece of 

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I hope you enjoyed these terrific handmade creations as much I enjoyed finding them. Throughout the day I will add each find to the following websites: TwitterStumbleUponDeliciousGoogle+PinterestFlickr, and Face Book (Fan Page and Personal).  
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Thank you for visiting, have a super day and hope to see you next week. Cari


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

that bird is awesome!

Cari Baker said...

Hey Debbi, It is a sweet bird… So unique! Thanks for visiting, great to see you!

Debbie Rodgers said...

I love your blog. Fun Friday is a cool idea. Lots of beautiful finds here. Have a great weekend Cari.

Dee Bibb said... sure had some awesome finds this Friday!! I just love the bird and that book is fabulous, too!!

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Lovely pics Cari

Cari Baker said...

Hi Debbie, Great to see you, thank you for stopping by. Andrew and Kimberly do so much for everyone at HAF I thought FFF wold be a cool way to say thanks! Besides the fact I get to look at EVERYONES shop… lol And I have! Thanks Debbie!

Cari Baker said...

Hey Dee! Yeah, this week was really interesting, I never know what I may find. Thank you for your support. Have a great day!

Cari Baker said...

Hey Andrew, Thank you… couldn’t do the Fun Friday Finds without your help! Cheers to Handmade Artists’ Shop!