May 28, 2012

Memorial Tribute: To My Marine Combat Corpsman

Doc Baker Fox Co. 1968  USMC
Although many years have passed for this Combat Corpsman Veteran who went to Vietnam in 1968, head held high, to fight for his country… No questions asked. But he was chosen and trained to be the Marines ‘Field Doctor’ to care for the wounded. He would also become a brother, a friend, a lifesaver, and received a Purple Heart.

He doesn’t talk much about the six months he spent in the bush under a sweltering sun, 95% humidity, humping mountains, dodging bullets long side his ‘Brothers.’ ‘Corpsman Up!’ they would shout! And this Corpsman, without thinking twice, would crawl on his belly to find his ‘Brother’ in need while the firefight raged all around him.

Fox Co. 2/7 1968 ‘Get Some’He can tell you stories that make you laugh so hard your side will ache for hours and stories that tug at your heart as you see a tear fall slowly down his cheek.  Tears for those ‘Brothers’ he could not save, died in his arms, and did not come home safe and sound to their families. The images are still vivid in his memories and there will always be a sadness when he speaks about his lost ‘Brothers.’

Although his time in Vietnam was tragic for a 19 year old, he overcame many obstacles throughout his life and now he is retired. Living is life at home with his best friend and wife (that’s me) and our baby dog, Max!  I am very proud of this MAN, My Husband, My Best Friend… who has taught me that family is everything and to live each day to the fullest. I am the lucky one because I benefit from all his knowledge, his stories and his love.  

While he carries on through life with his chin up, shoulders back, eyes forward… Everyday is Memorial Day for My Marine Combat Corpsman, John ‘Doc’ Baker.

Dedicated to: All the Marines of Fox 2/7, the countless Marines whose names he never knew, and especially to his close Marine Brothers whose deaths have left an impact on his life to this day. 

And to all those who have served, and are currently serving… Thank You! 

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