Jun 5, 2012

Blue Sapphire Crochet Wire Braidlet

Sapphire Wire Crochet Braidlet
Sapphire Crystals with precision cut facets by Swarovski adds an incredible vivacity to this crochet wire bracelet known as 'Braidlets®.’ 

I make three strands of crystals that have been crocheted to wire and braid the strands together forming this magical hand-crafted bracelet.

(<  Brand new Braidlet® using Sapphire and Sapphire AB Crystals)

Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Wire Crochet Bracelet
Sapphire is the birthstone for September, which would make this fabulous Braidlet an excellent gift choice for Mom, Wife, Sister or your Grandmother. 

Braidlets® are a terrific accessory to add a little twinkle to evening attire or casual outfit. 

Furthermore, people will ask about the unique style of the Braidlet® as it makes a fun topic of conversation.

More information about this Braidlet, can be found in either online shop. The shop links are below.  Thanks for visiting and have a creative week. Cari

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