Jun 19, 2012

Creating Color Combinations is BACK!

Color Carousel Swarovski Website
Hi Everyone!  Swarovski has added Crystal Colors to their Color Carousel, which means I’m continuing the weekly, post entitled ‘Creating Color Combinations’ from September 2011.  What is the Color Carousel? An interactive color wheel available on the Create-Your-Style website by Swarovski.

Quote from the website: Spin out on a journey of discovery and create a whole new world of color! Rotate the upper disc (using the arrows) until your main color appears or click on a color on the color strip below to find your desired color combination.”

 It is available to everyone and costs you nothing to use. You’ll have no trouble using this color wheel, its as simple as 1, 2, 3!  Click on a color in the row and the wheel moves, stopping on your color choice, which becomes the Main color. 

row of color from the carousel

Color Carousel Swarovski Website
Under the Main Color is a group of three colors, called Harmonious Colors, a set of two different colors called Contrasting Colors, and lastly the corresponding Crystal Pearl.  

These colors represent the Crystals and Swarovski picked what they thought would go best together when you are designing your jewelry. Sometimes I would use a different color or use an AB in one of the colors.  

Nothing is set in stone, you can mix and match to your hearts content. 

I am so excited about this because I really had fun sharing my creations with you. Looking forward to starting this again and I hope to see you next week. Please give the Color Carousel a try and be sure to leave comments sharing your combinations with all of us. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.  Cari


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

color wheels are FAB!
I gave you the versatile bloggers award on my blog, with a link back to yours. :)

Cari Baker said...

Thank you Debbi… very kind of you ;o)