Jun 28, 2012

Fun Friday Finds no.32: Artists from HAFshop

Hi Everyone and Welcome!

Fun Friday Finds is all about promoting my fellow artists from HandmadeArtists.com. If you are a handmade artist click this link > HAFshop < and browse through the Shop, Forum, and Blog to see all of the features. I believe the best feature... are all the artists. Besides, one never knows you just maybe in a Fun Friday Finds. Let’s Go!

Lavender Gift Bag with Raspberry Lip Balm By EmberCove
Lavender Gift Bag with Raspberry Lip Balm

These wonderful gift bags are made with special themes to make them the perfect gift for anyone! They come in a very lovely lavender organza bag which can be re-used for multiple purposes! (bath pouf color may change) Each bag contains: 3 (3oz) soaps, 1 (4oz) lotion, 1 bath pouf, 1 (.15oz) Lip Balm Stick, and one Almond Biscotti scented "free bee" soap!

Link to shop > EmberCove

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Sterling Silver Chain Maille Byzantine Variation By FusionMuse
Sterling Silver Chain Maille Byzantine Variation

This Unisex Sterling Silver Chain Maille Byzantine Variation bracelet was hadwoven using 8mm and 5mm Sterling silver jump rings. 
It measures approx 8 inches (20.5cm) from end to end and is suitable for both guys and girls. Closes with a large, easy to use lobster style clasp. 

Link to Shop > FusionMuse

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Elephant Tile    By CorduroyClay
Elephant Tile
   By CorduroyClay

*For each tile that sells, $5 will be donated to The Elephant Sanctuary in Howenwald, Tennessee to help care for and give peace to the elephants they provide sanctuary for. The donation will be placed in your name (unless you'd like to dedicate it to someone else) and a copy will be included with your tile.*

Link to Shop > CorduroyClay

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Message In A Bottle WILL YOU MARRY ME  Handstamped Necklace by CharmedQuotations
Message In A Bottle WILL YOU MARRY M
Handstamped Necklace

Message in a bottle. Scroll reads: "Will You Marry Me?" Necklace (scroll can be inverted so the recipient has to take the scroll out, unroll it and read the special message inside). Attached charm heart reads: "Love". Looking for that special way to ask that special someone to marry you? 

Link to Shop > CharmedQuotations 

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Aurora Earrings               By AmorphousDesigns

Aurora Earrings
              By AmorphousDesigns 

Handmade glass earrings.  The blue-green colors on the beads are reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis. 
Wire wrapped with 20 gauge, zinc-free, bronze wire.  The wire has been oxidized to enhance the natural bronze patina.

Link to Shop > AmorphousDesigns

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Thank you for joining me here today and please leave a comment, let us know if you have a favorite find for the week. Support handmade, Buy Handmade! Have a great day everyone and see you in the forum! 

Devoted 100% to handmade > HandmadeArtists.com


Mixed Kreations said...

Awesome finds Cari. Mmm raspberry (-; Beautiful chainmaille. That weave looks really complicated. But some day I will give it a try. Beautiful Tile, and I love the cute little bottle charm. Love the blue green with the bronze, very nice.

Thanks for sharing your awesome finds.

Nancy Pace said...

I love the pics today! I especially am crazy about the elephant tile,the message pendant, the chainmaille,and those earrings, wait,that's everything!!Lol! I love handmade artists, great job Cari!

lilndmama said...

The elephant tile is so cool! Great picks Cari!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Great finds! The elephant tile is very neat. ^.^

Teresa Rusk said...

I agree-awesome collection and I LOVE that elephant tile!! I need to see more! :)

Cari Baker said...

Hi Linda, You are a daring soul to try chainmaille, I would end up with a big bowling ball, if I tried chainmaille. lol Thank you for visiting!

Cari Baker said...

Nancy … LOL To much fun! Thank you!

Cari Baker said...

Gina Baby! I don’t know why I call you that, term of endearment ;o) Great to see you and thank you for stopping by!

Cari Baker said...

Well Hi Kristin, Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciate your support!

Cari Baker said...

Teresa Dear, Thank you very much CorduroyClay has a few other tiles in their shop. Thank you for visiting!

Debbie Rodgers said...

Really nice items Cari!I love the lavender gift bag. Lovely post.

Cari Baker said...

Hey Debbie, Thank you so much for stopping by and choosing a favorite find.

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi Cari! What fun Fun Friday Finds!

Cari Baker said...

Kris! Great to see you thanks for stopping by! Its fun finding fresh finds for Fridays from fabulous artists. LOL