May 20, 2013

Discover Handmade May 17

Discover Handmade May 17

Source: Discover Handmade article from HandmadeArtists Blog
Are you searching for shea butter lotion or a beautiful handmade hat rack for your entryway? Maybe you need custom wedding programs or copper findings for your jewelry project? Whatever you are searching for HandmadArtists is the place to search and Discover Handmade

Normasbathandbody, Platinumdesigns, aebeads, and CowboyPalace (picture shown on the left are their handmade creations) are featured artists in Discover Handmade. There are more than 600 handmade artist shops to search through and find that special handmade item. Click here > Discover Handmade

Oh… I almost forgot about the ‘Challenge' question at the end of the article. See if you can find the answer to the question.  Hurry before the answer is posted tonight ;o)  Good Luck! 

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