Jun 20, 2013

HAFshop: Discover Handmade June 14

FabricOfMyMind… WoodstockNYC… PatchworkMountain… and BeadWizzard are the topic for Discover Handmade June 14.

Discover Handmade June 14.

Handmade at it’s very best, when you shop at HandmadeArtists. Full of talented people creating quality items, all handmade (no mass produced) and believe in exquisite customer service.

Stop in and look around HandmadeArtists’ as a buyer looking for a unique gift for someone special, as an artist in search of your first venue or maybe you need a second shop for your products. Handmade Artists’ is the right place for you! 

See for yourself > Handmade Artists Shop

Handmade Artists’ Shop
Handmade Artists’ Shop supports handmade!

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