Jun 8, 2013

HAFshop: Top Ten Reasons to Join

Are you a handmade artist looking for a marketplace to sell your products?

Handmade Artists Home Page
Maybe you are thinking about opening a second shop to expand your business? 

Tired of paying fees to list your products in your shop? 

Frustrated with resellers claiming to be handmade? 

Handmade Artists’ Shop (HAFshop) is the place you’re looking for! Why?

Read my Top Ten reasons to join HAFshop and you’ll understand why…

#10 - Affordable Pricing: 
Become a HAFshop owner for only 5.00 month or 50.00 per year. No listing fees, No percentage of your sale to the site owners. Hurry and get your shop today!

#9 Easy Shop Setup: 
Handmade Artists shop featuresAll the great features you will need for your shop. Create coupons, Website Widgets, Social Media links, Shop Policies, About Me, Vacation Mode, Product Sections, Shipping Options, Wish list… etc

#8 Quick Listing: 
Listing an item is done in 4 simple steps… Front page here I come!

#7 Front Page for All: 
When you list… your item hits… the Front Page! Every listing an artist submits lands on the front page!

#6 Auto SEO: 
The all-important Search Engine Optimization handled automatically when you add your new product for sale. Of course, don’t forget to add your keywords.

#5 Promotion, Promotion, Promotion: 
Each item that an artists adds to their shop, automatically promoted through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

Handmade Artists Blog
#4 Forum: 
A community of handmade artists chatting about their… Well you need to read my Top Ten Reasons to join HAF! < Click There

#3 Blogging: 
HAFshop Blog is full of terrific and helpful articles to assist you and your handmade business. On the other hand, become a Blog contributor and submit you articles for everyone to read.

#2 100% Handmade: 
HAFshop is One Hundred percent Handmade, from the artist. No massed produced, No resale, No supplies (unless they are handmade) Read More > Sell

#1 Owned and Operated by Artists’: 
Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen (site owners) are 150% dedicated to you… the Handmade Artists’. They know how challenging it is to have an online business because they are handmade artists too. They built HandmadeArtists for you… for me!  They listen to your suggestions, understand your frustrations, share in your success and live, breath, dream, and eat Handmade! You won’t find another online marketplace more devoted to the ‘handmade artist’ than HandmadeArtists.com

Well, there's my Top Ten reasons to join HAFshop. Don't take my word for it… see for yourself. Click here for more information > Handmade Artists’ Shop
Handmade Artists Shop


Teresa R said...

I couldn't agree more!

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

Thanks for the love!