Jun 29, 2013

Wire Wrapping Obsession

Wire wrapped rock made 2012
Hi Friends… Last year I tinkered with wire wrapping by creating this wonderful pendant you see on the left.  LOL Not really… Oh… I did the wrapping but I wrapped a rock, just to see if I had a knack to wire wrap. Which I do… I think?

I’ve made a few pair of dangle earrings with Swarovski crystals, and a couple pairs of wire wrapped hooped earrings (with crystals) but that’s pretty much the extent of my wire wrapping knowledge. I do know one thing, wire wrapping is fascinating and I want to learn all about this new obsession I have with wire. I definitely am looking into attending a few classes to get me on the right track.

But for now I’ll continue to tinker and look around the web for useful wire wrapping sites. I did come across Wire-Sculpture.com which caught my eye. This site is packed with all sorts of helpful articles,
Jewelry Making Blog, Daily Wire Jewelry Tips, How to Videos…etc.   Lots of FREE information! Gotta love that!

Furthermore, I purchased an e-book titled Getting Started… Making Wire Jewelry by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey . This book talks about the differences between wire, tools needed, and a few tutorials to get a beginner (that’s me!) started. The tutorials have step-by-step instructions for a bracelets, earrings, clasps, rings, and a greeting card.

Speaking of starting… Take a look at these bead link bracelets.  Practice makes perfect… right? And I need to practice making loops on a bead, so why not make something while I practice, truth be
known… the writer of the book suggested making a bracelet or necklace. ;o)

I wire wrapped 19, 4mm Swarovski Turquoise AB crystals, with a loop on each end, then linked them together and attached a magnet clasp. It took about 50 minutes to finish the bracelet. And you’ll never guess who wanted it… My Mother. She is my biggest fan… She better be!

turquoise crystal link bracelet

Now, for the bracelet below I used the same technique as the first one but I made two separate strands. The first strand I used 4mm Red Coral crystals and the second strand I used 4mm Jet Black crystals. Twisted the strands a bit and attached a magnet clasp.  Bingo! All done. This bracelet took about an hour to finish.

Hey… wait one second. My first bracelet took 50 minutes and this double strand took 60 minutes… Wow! Alright!  Hmmm… I do believe I have (shall I say it) …a KNACK for wire wrapping? Indeed I do!  lol

I will keep you all informed about my new quest and if you have any tips or know of any good websites about wire wrapping please let me know by leaving a comment below or send an email to cbakerdesigns@yahoo.com. I am so excited to expand my (limited) knowledge of creating jewelry.

Oh yeah, I purchased the book from Jewelry Making Daily Shop (Interweave Store).

Book Title - Getting Started Making Wire Jewelry and More 

Thanks for visiting and see you next time! Cari

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