Jul 3, 2013

BrandiGirlBlog Color Challenge + Giveaway

Understanding Color: Color Theory Made Easy  by Brandi Hussey
Understanding Color: Color Theory Made Easy
by Brandi Hussey
My friend Brandi from BrandiGirlBlog, had an awesome event happen last month, she wrote and published a book about color theory called ‘Understanding Color: Color Theory Made Easy’. This book is AMAZING! I would love to go into detail about her book today, but I will later this month.

However, I will say one thing about Brandi’s book… If you want to actually comprehend color theory, then you need to purchase this book or enter her > Color Challenge and Giveaway for a chance to win a printed copy of this fantastic book.

All you need to do is create something using one of the six color palettes she posted on her blog… here is the link > I’m issuing a Color Challenge… You in? with all the details.

Color challenge + giveaway BrandyGirlBlog
Color challenge + giveaway BrandyGirlBlog

But… You only have until July 10 to enter… Now, I should have told everyone a few weeks ago… I’m real sorry about that, been a little busy with the wire wrapping stuff…LOL  But you still have 7 days to enter and I know most of you can create something spectacular in less than 2 days! Right!

And yes… I entered and submitted my item last night… Good Luck to Everyone!  Oh one last thing, remember to watch for my book review (LOL book review… Geezzz I make it sound like I’m a book critique…lol)  about ‘Understanding Color’ by Brandi, later this month.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and see you next time! Cari

BrandiGirlBlog Logo
BrandiGirlBlog Logo
Link to Brandi’s Book > http://www.brandigirlblog.com/understanding-color

Link to Brandi Girl Blog > http://www.brandigirlblog.com

Link to Challenge > http://www.brandigirlblog.com/2013/06/im-issuing-a-color-challenge-you-in.html

Link to Challenge Update Post > http://www.brandigirlblog.com/2013/06/im-issuing-a-color-challenge-you-in.html (scroll to the bottom of post)

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