Jul 27, 2013

Wire Wrapping Journey 2

Hello Friends… and the Wire Wrapping Journey continues ;o)

Wire Wrapped Cabochon
The cabochon in this picture, was given to me by a fellow artist and friend, John Rasmussen.  To read more about John, his wife Debora, and see his amazing work, please click here > Featuring Rasmussen Gems & Jewelry 

The cabochon has been wrapped up and put in a safe place, waiting for me to properly enhance it’s beautiful markings. Well, as you can see that day has arrived. I am very proud of this piece and excited to share with you.

It’s so much fun learning how to create jewelry with wire, sometime I have to pinch myself, because I can make pendants like this one.  Well, as far as wire wrapping goes. Certainly not creating a cabochon, I think I’ll leave that for John’s expertise. 

tumbleweedglass cab tutorial
Pic from tumbleweedglass website
I followed an online tutorial by Susie and Steve Wright of Tumbleweed Glass Studio > or you can watch a powerpoint video showing step by step. I didn’t watch the video, because it made me nervous, as if someone was standing over my shoulder… ;o) Crazy huh? LOL I highly recommend this tutorial for a beginner > http://www.tumbleweedglass.com/cab.html

Thank You Susie and Steve!

Lastly, I did learn a valuable lesson regarding square and round wire. Square wire which, I placed around the cabochon to hold it in place, is much easier to handle than round wire. LOL Go Figure… Lesson Learned!

Thanks for joining me on my Wire Wrapping Journey… I’m having way to much fun learning this versatile technique. ;o)  Until next time… Cari

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