Jul 13, 2013

Wire Wrapping Journey

Rena Klingenberg called ‘Wire Wrap Rings – Tutorial’
Wire Wrap Rings – Tutorial
Hey Everyone!  It’s been a couple weeks since my last post (Wire Wrapping Obsession) and let me tell you… I am having so much fun. In fact, one could say I’ve become a wire-wrapping fool! ;o) Yup… that’s me!  

So today I thought I would share a few ring tutorials I used in my quest to learn wire wrapping.

The first tutorial was written by Rena Klingenberg called ‘Wire Wrap Rings – Tutorial’. Rena is a jewelry artist, published author and an inspiration too many jewelry artists. You can see her tutorial   here > http://jewelrymakingjournal.com/wire-wrap-rings-tutorial/

Rena’s website is packed with helpful information for your…

My finished rings using Rena’s tutorial Wire Wrap Rings
My finished rings using Rena’s tutorial
home jewelry business, ideas to create jewelry, business tips, jewelry displays, readers galleries, and of course free jewelry tutorials. Speaking of tutorials… The picture to the right are my finished rings using Rena’s tutorial, but I made a few adjustments of my own. 

It called for 22 gauge wire (I used 20-gauge) And I used my own twisting and turning to create the rings. Furthermore, I used copper, silver plated, and gold plated craft wire, not sterling silver. I have a way to go before I am comfortable enough to use sterling silver.

Dawn Bryant tutorial ‘Adjustable Double Spiral Ring’
Adjustable Double Spiral Ring Tutorial

Now… the next tutorial is by Dawn Bryant titled ‘Adjustable Double Spiral Ring’ which you can find here on Jewelry Lessons > http://www.jewelrylessons.com/tutorial/adjustable-double-spiral-ring.

Dawn is a member of a yet another site with a ton of information for jewelry artists. Jewelry Lessons: created by artist and web developer 
Eni OkenLearn how to make your own precious jewelry - FREE tutorials, lessons & articles! 

A terrific place to met new friends and learn all about jewelry making. 
My finished ring using Dawns tutorial
Rings I made using Dawns tutorial

The picture on the right are the rings I made using Dawns Tutorial.  Can you tell which of the three I made first? LOL Yeah it’s the silver one in the middle. So I made two more using copper and gold plated wire.  Wow… what in the world was I thinking when I made the silver one? LOL Kinda small huh? LOL

Lastly, this tutorial is my favorite and very popular with my family and friends. 
Tamara McFarland Wire Wrapped Rosette Knot Ring Tutorial
Wire Wrapped Rosette Knot Ring
Tamara McFarland wrote this tutorial and posted it on her blog titled > Wire Wrapped Rosette Knot Ring Tamara designs handmade custom rings (and they are outstanding) which she sells in her Etsy shop > http://www.etsy.com/shop/mcfarlanddesigns?ref=em and she donates a percentage of every sale to her favorite charities. Wow! Read more about Tamara on her website > www.mcfarlanddesigns.com

After quickly glancing at Tamara’s tutorial, I found myself clearing my desk, grabbing the 22-gauge wire, my mandrel, flat nose pliers, sat down, and started wrapping. You got it… I made the ring. 

Below is a picture of my ring. However, I had trouble towards the end, due to me not following the instructions. Big Mistake on my part because I snipped the wire that wrapped around the band, and I was unable to round off the ends properly. OOPS! That will teach me!

Rosette Ring I made by Tamara McFarland  tutorial
Finished ring using Tamara’s tutorial
What do you think? Pretty Good?

I found all three tutorials easy to understand, well written, with clear colored photos with each step. Thank you… Tamara, Dawn, and Rena… for sharing your knowledge through your tutorials and inspiring me to carry on. 

If anyone uses any of these tutorials, send me a picture of your finished ring or rings and I’ll write a post and share it for the world to see. OK… maybe not the world… LOL 

Well, my friends… that’s all I have to share with you today. Thanks for joining me and I look forward to my next post about my Wire Wapping Journey.  Cari 

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