Aug 18, 2013

New Shop Listing Ruby Crystal Link Bracelet and Ring

New Crystal Link Bracelet and Wire Wrapped Ring set Ruby
Hey Everyone!  Today I listed my very first Crystal Link Bracelet and Wire Wrapped Ring in my HAFshop! Here is the link to the new listing - Link Bracelet/Ring Set

Over the past few weeks, my family and friends have been wearing the rings and bracelets daily, to see how they hold up. So… as you can see by the new listing… they are a hit! Whew!

Magnet clasp on a crystal link braceletThat has been my focus over the past few weeks; fine tuning my (limited, but growing day by day) wire wrapping skills by making crystal link bracelets and a matching ring. And may I tell you it has been nothing but FUN!  

My mother and aunt both love the link bracelets because they are lightweight, they sparkle, and they are easy to put on and take off. Why? The clasp… it’s magnetic….

My mother has arthritis in her hands and she has a difficult time with
lobster claws, spring, and toggle clasps. My Aunt has also stated she prefers the magnetic clasp over the others. And she suggested I show a picture of the magnetic clasps picking something up.

Strength of a magnetic clasp
 Ah Ha!  I got it! 

As you can see by the picture to the left, I decided to pick up my pliers with the clasp. WOW! These clasps are STRONG! I realize I am only picking up a few ounces, but hey… the clasp is holding two pairs of pliers. 

With that said… I can only speak for the magnetic clasps I use with my bracelets. I do not speak for ALL magnetic clasps. Do you like magnetic clasps? If you do not… Why? Please leave a comment below. 

I use Darcie Magnetic Clasp - Silver - 7 x 11mm which I have purchased on Amazon or JoAnn’s. A few of the stores on Amazon do have reviews by customers… take a look and read the comments. Maybe this information will change your mind on some… not all magnetic clasps.  Especially when it comes to my Braidlets and Link Crystal Bracelets ;o)

 Well, my friends that’s all for today. I’m off to make a few more crystal bracelet and ring sets. I’ll return with more adventures from my Wire Wrapping Journey. Cari


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

That's so pretty. So dainty and it! Keep us posted when you add new colors!

Cari Baker said...

Hey Jana… Thank you so much for stopping by and the sweet compliment. The link bracelet may look dainty but they sure are durable! LOL Great to see you and I’ll be posting a new link bracelet everyday this week. Thanks again!