Sep 6, 2013

Wire Wrapping Journey 3

My little wire wrapped creation
Hello Friends…  As you know, I’ve been learning how to wire wrap for a couple of months and so far what I have learned (on my own) has been wonderful. However, until I have the time to attend a class I’ll do my best to learn what I can from those that inspire me.

Today I am going to talk about two talented wire wrappers from my favorite handmade marketplace… HAFshop.  I proudly introduce, Colette from Colette’s Boutique and Kimberly from MakinTheBestOfIt. Two wire wrap artists that have shown me, through their creations, that someday I too can create magic with wire and a pair of pliers. 

Montana wire wrapped necklace blue green and sterling silver by Colettesboutique

Colette has a style that is classy and elegant. Her wire wrapping (to me) is PERFECT in every way. A “world of wire wrapped jewelry, necklaces, wire wrapped earrings, bracelets, and of course custom-made pieces,” she states. 

Colette uses sterling silver, semi precious gemstones and sometimes-sparkly crystals to create her incredible jewelry.

Colettes PublishingsIn 2012 and 2013 Wirework Magazine published Colette’s’ jewelry and her first publication was in September 2011 by Art Jewelry.  And may I say… Colette deserves these publications and much more.

~     ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

Rings of Glass Sea Glass Necklace by MakinTheBestOfIt
After all I am inspired by the very best, which brings me to Kimberly from MakinTheBestOfIt. Wire wrapping is not Kimberly’s only forte, as she paints glass, she creates painted wedding invitations, and she designs beautiful pendants using genuine beach glass and a little sterling silver wire. 

Amber Treasures Sterling Sea Glass Pendant BR004 by MakinTheBestOfItWith her attention to detail by twisting, turning and curving the wire to do exactly what she wants it to do, creates a unique setting for each piece of glass she decorates. Each pendant Kimberly creates tells a magical story, unmatched and breathtaking. Hands down, I adore her Sea Glass Creations!

Follow Kimberly > MakinTheBestOfIt > Website > Oh yeah… Kimberly is co owner of Handmade Artists Shop ;o)

As you can see, it will take time, lots of practice, and a few hundred feet (maybe a thousand feet) of wire, to be as graceful and talented as these two amazing artists are today.

Manmade sea glass wire wrappingAnd here is my first attempt to wire wrapping sea glass. Although
the piece I used was man-made, I see I have a lot of work ahead of me. ;o) I don’t mind… because I obsessed!

I used a tutorial from Sea Glass Journal called A Simple Wire Wrap Sea Glass Pendant.  This website has everything you need to know about sea glass, from articles to events, tutorials and much more. If you are interested in beach glass, I highly recommend Sea Glass Journal.

Well, my friends that’s a wrap (pun intended) Thank you for stopping by today and I’ll be back soon  to update you on my Wire Wrapping Journey! Be safe and good day!  Cari


Debbie Rodgers said...

Really great article. Fantastic artists!

Cari Baker said...

Thanks Debbie… Indeed they both are fabulous and each have planted the wire wrapping seed in my head… LOL Thank you for stopping by and commenting!