Oct 7, 2013

Wire Wrapping Journey 4

Items needed to make a crystal link bracelet
Hey Everyone!  Have you been wondering what I’ve been up to lately?  Well, I’ve been busy creating and I seem to have found my wire-wrapping forte. 

As some of you know (from reading my previous entries about my journey) I have dabbled with earrings, link bracelets, rose bud rings, wrapping a cabochon (notice the use of a cabochon… lol), and a piece of man-made sea glass. 

However, I am hooked (and not crochethooked) on the link bracelets, which I have made quite a few over the past several months.  Although, creating jewelry using sea glass was one reason I started learning this diverse technique, but knowing myself (as I do so well…lol) sea glass is in my future! I certainly can’t stop creating these awesome bracelets now… can I?

I’ve focused my attention on my link bracelets made with Swarovski crystals. It all started with the four bracelets you see below.  Each one is uniquely special by adding a strand, using larger crystals, and adding a charm. The time it took to create one of these beauties was a huge factor in the beginning.  It took about 50 minutes to wire wrap all of the crystals and link them together.  But, now I can make a single strand in about 25 minutes (all links are handmade using a basic loop). Not to bad! LOL

A few crystal link bracelets I have made for family and friends

Which brings me to my latest experiment… I’ve thought about wrapping a crystal bracelet around the wrist and I just happen to have made one a few days ago. Take a look:  

Wrap Around Crystal Bracelet

All handmade wrap around bracelet with Swarovski AB crystals

Using thirty-eight 4mm AB Swarovski crystals and 22 ga silver filled wire, with a magnetic clasp attached. Amazing! I bet you’ll never guess who now owns this bracelet?  Yeah you guessed right… my Mother! LOL

I didn’t even get to list it in my shop… But as I am typing to you today I am designing another Wrap Around, but this one will wrap three times around the wrist and have different colors and sizes of crystals.  It is coming along nicely and when I finish you bet I’ll share it with all of you. ;o)

 In the mean time if you are interested in these crystal link bracelets I do have a few of them listed in my shop > CrochetHooked <   I will custom make any color at no extra cost… Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. And once again… that’s a wrap! (pun intended) Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment below… you’ll be glad you did! ;o)  Be safe everyone and see you next time for another chapter in my Wire Wrapping Journey.  Cari

All handmade by me Emerald Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet
Emerald Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet

Golden Crystal Swarovski Bracelet 

Ruby Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet

Pink & Grey Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet
Pink & Grey Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet

Rainbow Swarovski Crystal Link Bracelet

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Andrea R said...

It's been awhile since I've visited (terrible of me). I love those crystal link bracelets! So dainty. Hope you are well!

Cari Baker said...

Andrea Baby! LOL Great to see you! Thank you for stopping by and the sweet comment. I know you’ve been a busy bee… traveling, I keep my eye on you… lol No worries… It’s always a pleasure to see you!