Dec 11, 2013

Wire Wrapping Journey 6

New Wire Wrapped Bracelet Necklace Autumn for MomHello my friends… In my last post Wire Wrapping Journey 5, I spoke about creating a special wire wrapped bracelet for my Aunt to wear on stage, which turned out to be a hit. The dazzling crystals could be seen for miles around… LOL  

OK maybe not miles, but you could certainly see the bracelet twinkle as she moved around the stage. Needless to say my Aunt was thrilled!

Now to make a wrap around for my Mother, using gold wire instead of silver… just like the photo you see to the left… lol

I must say I fell in love with this one. The color combination turned out better than I expected, mixing in the AB crystals, for an added twinkle. Also, combining the 4mm and 6mm sizes really adds character to the piece.  I had a great time making this one, probably because I’ve only made 2 or 3 bracelets using the gold wire. I will create more of these in gold and list them in my shops.

Wire Wrapped Bracelet Necklace Autumn Wire Wrapped Bracelet Necklace Autumn

That about does it for me… a short but sweet update about my Wire Wrapping Journey. 

Question: How do you like this bracelet? What are your thoughts about the color choice? Is this something you might purchase for yourself or as a gift? I look forward to reading your comments. 

Wire Wrapped Bracelet Necklace Autumn on wrist

Lastly, I’m sure some of you are busy planning for your Christmas or Holiday event, which is approaching quickly, please be careful out there…. Especially those of you that reside in snowy conditions, please be safe.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next time… Cari

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