Jan 24, 2014

Gypsy Braidlet Inspired by BrandiGirlBlog

Good afternoon everyone!  My good friend Brandi from BrandiGirlBlog has done it once again, inspired me with her amazing color combinations to create a Braidlet called Gypsy. This picture was created by Brandi introducing her Spring Color Trios for 2014 and I couldn’t stop thinking about designing a Braidlet from one of these trios. 

Spring Color Trios from BrandiGirlBlog

Which one did I choose?
TaDa! I love this combination! Again, I would have never put these three colors together. 

Spring Color Trio from BrandiGirlBlog
Trio made by Brandi from BrandiGirlBlog

Here is the finished Braidlet called Gypsy! 

Gypsy Wire Crochet Braidlet
Gypsy Wire Crochet Braidlet
Using Light Siam, Fuchsia, and Light Olivine Swarovski crystals, along with matching non-tarnishing, colored wire. Wow! Great for spring and summer jewelry! Gypsy Braidlet is in my Handmade Artists Shop > CrochetHooked

Brandi you have a great eye for color! You have assisted me once again and I appreciate your talent!  Thank YouI plan on creating more Braidlets with Brandi's help of course. You can see this color palette and other great palettes Brandi has made, on her website BrandiGilrBlog

Better yet, join > The Palette Club < click the link for more information. 

Brandi also has an Etsy Shop > BrandiHussey where you can find more of her inspiring color palettes, calendars and planners which are printable straight from her shop! 

That does it for today, I hope you are having a fabulous Friday and see you again soon. Cari

Brandi’s color palette on the left   /  Gypsy Braidlet on the right
Brandi’s color palette on the left / Gypsy Braidlet on the right

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