Jan 27, 2014

HABlog: Discover Handmade Garnet

Hello Everyone! On January 24, a new Discover Handmade hit the web waves and it is all about this months birthstone… Garnet!

 Discover Handmade Garnet

Where can you see more information about Discover Handmade? Glad you asked… You can read more about the artists and their creations on Handmade Artists’ Blog.  
Discover Handmade is a weekly post about hand crafted items sold by the artists from Handmade Artists’ Shop.  It is just one of the many perks the artist has by becoming a shop owner. Sound interesting?  Read all about Handmade Artists here > Sell <  

Oh, click read the latest > Discover Handmade < Thanks for visiting and hope to see you there! Until next time… Cari

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