Jan 8, 2014

Wire Wrapping Journey 8: Ear Cuff Tutorial

Triple Bend Ear Cuff TutorialHello my friends! As I mentioned in my last post… Wire Wrapping Journey 7, I would write a tutorial to create the ear cuffs you see in the picture to the right.

Cute… don’t you think? And they are quite comfortable, so lightweight, you’ll forget you are wearing one!

Although I am still a newbie when it comes to ear cuffs, I hope you find this tutorial inspirational. I have listed each step for you below and if I forgot a step please let me know and I’ll fix it. 

OK… here we go!    Double Bend Ear Cuff Tutorial

  • 20 gauge (use inexpensive wire to practice with)
  • needle nosed pliers
  • flush wire cutters
  • sharpe or a pen or a dowel (smooth all around)
  • ruler
  • file for wire ends
Ear Cuff Tutorial a:

Ear Cuff Tutorial c:

Ear Cuff Tutorial d:

Ear Cuff Tutorial e:

Ear Cuff Tutorial f:

Ear Cuff Tutorial g:

Ear Cuff Tutorial h:

Ear Cuff Tutorial i:

Ear Cuff Tutorial j:

Ta Da! 
 Tips:  When putting on the cuff, start at the top of your ear and slide the cuff downward towards the middle. The cuff should be snug not tight.  When taking off the cuff slide upward towards the top of your ear. The bent sections of the cuff helps to keep it in place and be sure never to bend or pinch the cuff together… it breaks down the wire and it will break. 

Remember practice makes perfect! Enjoy and send me pictures if you like of your finished ear cuffs and I’ll post them below! Have fun with it! Until next time… Cari


Debbi Huntington said...

cool! thanks teach! :0)

Cari Baker said...

LOL … You are very welcome my smart student! LOL Glad you like Debbi… Let me know how it turns out for you!