Feb 16, 2014

Glittery Crochet Wire Crystal Bracelet on HAShop

Hello Friends,  Yes, it’s true… a new Braidlet was listed in my Handmade Artists’ Shop last night. This gorgeous, sparkling, wire crochet Braidlet called Glittery was made with three different Swarovski crystals and non-tarnishing silver wire. Have a look… it is a WOW bracelet! 

Glittery Wire Crochet Crystal Bracelet
It sure is a beauty! Please click on the picture or this link > Glittery < for more information about this awesome hand crafted Braidlet! Well time to create a few more stunning Braidlets… Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment and let me know what you think about my new creation! Cari

Glittery Wire Crochet Crystal Bracelet b
click on the picture for more information
Glittery Wire Crochet Crystal Bracelet c

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