Mar 14, 2014

HABlog: Discover Handmade March 7

Discover Handmade March 7

Come on by and Discover Handmade from Handmade Artists’ Shop, featuring a Butterfly House Book, Hand Braided Rug, Mood Pendant, and Peruvian Doll. 

Discover Handmade March 7

Please click this link > Discover Handmade March 7 for more information regarding any of the items  you see in the picture above. And please join me at each Friday for a new Discover Handmade featuring products from HA member shops.  As you know supports the handmade artist. Come on by and join in on the fun, read interesting article on the blog, become a member of a very active forum for all things handmade, or open your own handmade shop… and sell your creations! 

Buy directly from the artist! 100% Handmade… Only!

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